Sunday, October 18, 2009

A "Real" Farmers Market Opens This Week

Finally, it is here! The opening day of the Wildwood Growers' Market. The market will begin October 24th from 9 AM to 1 PM at Wildwood City Hall on Main Street (301) in Wildwood.
Produce and plant vendors must be growers of their products and from within 100 miles of Sumter County. Local artists and crafters are encouraged to sell their goods at the market as well. There will be other food booths and local entertainment.
Home gardeners can sell their extra produce at the home gardener table ($5 per week). Charitable and school organizations are encouraged to use the market as a fundraiser by selling drinks or food.
While there are many farmers' markets in the area, this one is unique because you will be able to meet the farmers that produce the food and plants. The variety of produce will change with the seasons, according to what is available locally.
My hat is off to the City of Wildwood for embracing the growers' market concept and putting the resources behind it to make it a success. I hope many of you will make a Saturday stroll at the market a part of your regular weekend routine. For more information contact me at (352) 793-2728.