Monday, May 4, 2009

Garden for a good cause

Have you driven past the Sumter Youth Center in Bushnell lately and noticed the large garden on the grounds? The Victory Farm is a project headed up by Billy Ray pictured here picking beans to take to a local SCARC group home. The garden is a project of the United Way Human Care Network and a great way for people in our community to get involved in helping to feed the needy with fresh, locally grown produce.

Billy enjoys working in the garden but needs help with harvesting, planting, weeding and maintaining the large vegetable garden. All of the vegetables produced are going to be distributed to partner agencies and will be feeding many hungry people. He also has family garden plots available, 20 x 25' spaces that seven families so far have planted. He charges a small monthly fee to help pay for the water used on the gardens.

What a great way to gain hands-on gardening experience while helping others! If you can help call Billy Ray at (352) 568-8722.


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  1. May 13, 2009
    Dear Susan,

    My husband and I are semi-retired and just starting to 'get' into farming. We have Dexter cattle that are just grass fed and with no extra meds. just worming every three months.

    We are stay natural and as close to organic as we can for our health and the health of our families.

    We also grow vegs. natural and are trying to stay as organic as possible, and our goal is to market our cattle and vegs. at local markets as naturally grown products.

    We have learned alot from uf.ifas Sumter Co. extention office.

    I attend classes at the extention quite as often as I can. The infomation that we have gotten and plan to get is Wonderful!!!

    Thank you,
    Pam Duff