Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Pea Pickin at Wildwood FFA!

Wildwood FFA decided to try a cash crop this spring to help support the activities of the organization. If you are not familiar with FFA, it used to stand for Future Farmers of America but as the agricultural industry evolved into many related careers the name became simply FFA. Wildwood High has a great group of students who are learning the applied science of agriculture through plant and animal production and other aspects of the industry. They are very active in career development events, leadership activities and can boast about having a State Officer from Wildwood High currently serving the Florida Association.

Teacher Susan Swartzfager, with help from community supporters and her students, has planted two fields of conch peas on the campus of Wildwood High School. The production of the peas has been a real learning experience for the students; they have learned about fertilizer, weeds, pests and the parts of the plant. Now it is time to learn about direct marketing of a fresh agricultural product.

The conch pea fields will be open for U-Pick June 16 - 18 and again in the second field June 29-30. The cost is $8.00 for a 5 gallon bucket. And by the way, these are fresh, nutritious local vegetables produced without pesticides!

Wildwood High School is located at 700 Huey StWildwood, FL 34785 and the telephone number is (352) 748-1314.


  1. I grew up in the Tampa Bay area and loved conch peas, but they are nowhere to be found in North Carolina where I currently live. I'd love to find a source of conch pea seeds to see if I can grow them here.

    Can you help?


    Doug Kearney

    1. were can i buy the seed email me back thanks ken

    2. Hi Ken, You didn't leave your email so I will reply here:

      When looking in seed catalogs or websites you will find conch peas under southern bean or southern pea.

      If you want old varieties you might try companies like the Southern Seed Exchange
      or Victory Seeds
      Others I found on the internet are

      I hope this helps!

      Susan Kelly

  2. Looking for conch peas seeds. Does anyone have an idea where to buy them at? Old family friend looking for them as well as myself for some garden at home.

  3. looking for conch pea seeds does anyone know where to purchase them?
    contact me at

  4. I live in St Pete and love conch peas but you can't find them anywhere around here. Heck, no one has ever heard of them. Looking for conch peas seeds. Does anyone have an idea where to buy them at?

  5. has anybody found where to buy conch peas seed please let me know at thanks

  6. Will you be doing again this year??

  7. Hi Tonya,

    You would have to contact the Wildwood FFA at Wildwood High School to find out if they are doing it again. We do have another farmer that has U-Pick conch peas. If you email me at I can get you that information.